Whenever we think of an Indian wedding, the image that comes into our mind is of the bride resplendent in her silk attire and jewellery. Like every other aspect, there have been innovations in the art of making jewellery but still the antique jewellery sets never go out of fashion. Ancient customs and traditions dictate that the bride’s family gift her jewels for her wedding. The bride generally wears the following ornaments on her wedding day:


A necklace is a piece of jewellery usually made of gold or silver and worn around the neck. Precious stones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds etc. are embedded into necklaces increasing their value and beauty. Necklaces were a symbol of social status in the earlier days and both men and women wore them. However, with the passage of time, necklaces emerged as ornaments worn mostly by women. Necklaces are classified by length. The chokers, the princess necklaces, the opera necklaces and the rope necklaces are a few types.


Bangles or rigid bracelets are mostly worn by South Asian brides and are made from metal, wood, glass or plastic. Bangles are considered auspicious and have traditional value. It is believed that it is inauspicious for a married woman to not wear bangles. Bangles are circular in shape and are inflexible. Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewellery and today even men prefer to wear them as fashion symbols. Bangles are now made with inexpensive metal and plastic and are a preferred alternative for a gold bangle.


Anklets are one of the most worn pieces of jewellery by Indian women since time immemorial. Anklets are made out of silver, gold, leather, plastic, nylon etc. Metal anklets may be of two types – flexible and inflexible. Sometimes, bells are attached to the anklet and when moved, emit pleasing sounds.


Earrings are a piece of jewellery worn on pierced ear lobes. Earrings are worn by both men and women today and are considered quite a fashion symbol. Beautiful earrings highlight the beauty of the face and are often worn by Indian brides. Earrings range from small simple studs to elaborate hangings. The size of an earring depends on the capacity of the earlobe to support it without tearing.

Indian bridal jewellery is most famous in Jaipur and their signature jewellery collection is world famous. In most cases, bridal jewellery in India is necessary for a wedding to take place.

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The Latest Bridal Jewellery Trends for your Selection

The sensations of excitement and joy are prevailing elements in a bride’s life. This feeling of sheer exhilaration leads to many whims because as a bride you want to leave a mark with a spectacular appearance. This desire leads to an utter confusion of choosing the right outfit followed by a confusion about jewellery selection. However, it is not a rocket science to choose the perfect right jewellery for you but the existence of so many considerable factors make it difficult to make a selection. So let’s get over this dilemma and shortlist the best available options for Indian bridal jewelry

Multilayer jewelry – The multilayer jewelry pieces are the perfect choice to add a royal flavor to your look. The modern multi layer jewelry is a perfect blend of style and sophistication which will definitely leave your guests in awe. These pieces come in awestriking designs with stone work, pearl work, pacchi work and the evergreen Kundan work. If you have a love for these statement pieces then it’s definitely worth visiting a signature jewellery exhibition and buy one for your wedding night.

Kundan Jewelry – Every Indian woman holds a special place for Kundan jewellery in her heart because it is evergreen and has a fine luster radiance. It is preferable for a contemporary bride look and adds a vibrant touch to a given look.  The best part of opting for a Kundan jewelry is the mix and match options, you can team it up with any type of outfit even after your wedding. Its versatility is to fall for; so don’t hesitate to invest in a classic Kundan jewelry piece.

Dimond jewelry – Diamonds are the trendy classic pieces which never goes out of style. They are every girl’s best friend and a must have in every bride’s wardrobe. So, why not flaunt your wedding functions with your best companion and feel like a royalty on the auspicious occasion!

Temple jewelry – If you are an antique jewelry fan then you may go for antique temple jewelry pieces which are a sign of timeless style and add a vintage touch to for a perfect traditional look. In case, you opt for a fusion outfit, the temple jewelry is versatile enough to complement your fusion look. The only thing you need to make sure is that it should match with your chosen outfit.

The crown mang teeka and large rings – This one is actually not an Indian jewelry set option but a section of it to enhance an ordinary bridal look to exceptional. The little elements like large rings, chand baalis, crown mang teeka are brilliant options to enrich a normal bridal look. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot on the heavy jewelry then these vibrant touches are enough to make your look exceptional.

Marriage is once in a lifetime occasion, so why not spend on some outstanding Indian bridal jewelry to make your appearance memorable. Now it’s time to make a selection but don’t forget to try your accessories before the grand ceremony to ensure that your choice is comfortable and soothing for you. Remember, the bridal jewelry sets are not just for making you look good but also for making, you feel good as a bride and if you don’t feel comfortable in what you have chosen then switch to another option.

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Causal Jewellery: Just look perfect on Informal Occasions

Casual jewel pieces are used to wear on normal/unofficial occasions such as dinner, party, etc. to just look great and perfect. They are made up of inexpensive metal, imitation stones with classic/contemporary pattern, lovely designs. Mostly leather, beads, glass, resin, wood, plastic, clay and even paper is used to craft/make stylish and elegant pieces, therefore it is very cheap as compare to its counterpart original precious stone jewellery. However casual jewellery made these materials is not long lasting as we see in jewel pieces made of gold, platinum and silver but provide same elegant and stylish look.


The casual wear ornaments are available in very diverse variety such as crowns for royal look, earrings, ear plugs, lip rings, beautiful pendants like Rosaria, chatelaines and scent cases to look great on neck, brooches, clasps, pin buttons for clothes, armlets for wriest, stylish belts, anklets, lovely rings and many others.  When you wear these causal jewel accessories with stylish and little embroidery work dresses, it enhances the charm and appeal through the aura of style and elegance to everyone. The overall graceful appearance is given by earrings that are most important jewellery component. Therefore you should choose stylish and elegant ear plugs/ earrings to just look perfect and great.  Nowadays there are many jewellery accessories available for men such as small earring, rings, metallic watches, leather belts, etc. to be worn with jeans/formal clothing to look dashing.
If you are looking for causal jewellery pieces and planning to add excellent items to your collection, then there are many exclusive casual jewellery stores in Jaipur and other parts of India. Signature causal jewellery collection of Jaipur is famous all over the world for its innovative, unique, graceful and opulent designing/crafting of casual wear jewel items.


Nowadays there are also many websites, which exclusively display unique and good collection causal jewels. You can easily find stunning collection of casual jewellery wear just button click away to accommodate all your taste and preferences. Causal jewellery web portal showcase countless variety of jewel items over their websites and also facilitates home/office delivery service for those, who are unable go for actual shopping and yet want to add beautiful jewel pieces to their collection. Some of the online jewellery dealers’ nowadays also offering customization service for causal jewel items, therefore you can choose any contemporary/classic pattern to have your own design pieces to perfectly reflect your style.

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Bridal Jewellery Makes Your Special Day Even More Special and Magical

Wedding is very important occasions and every bride wants to look perfect princes and graceful, when tie lifetime knot with her partner. Fashion keep changing, new trends may come and go but Indian Bridal Jewellery is integral part of a bride’s wear on wedding, without it, bridal dress looks incomplete. Since time immemorial, Jewellery has been used as a body adornment and brides have been known for their love for exquisite wedding jewellery. Indian bride’s love for traditional jewellery does not get change and India is the largest consumer of jewellery in the world. Bridal jewellery enhances the charm and appeal to every through it aura of style and elegance and makes special day even more special and magical. The jewellery pieces of bridal wears are delicately and intricately designed by adept craftsmen using the finest materials, pearl, crystal, gold, diamond, platinum, silver, and precious gems/stones.


The bridal wear ornaments and priceless jewel pieces are available in various ranges with diverse variety is classic as well as contemporary designs to make you look charming and magical through the aura of style and elegance on your special day of wedding.  Opulent bridal wear includes jewellery such as traditionally designed necklaces for bride’s neck, mutli-color stones studded stylish earrings/earplugs, astonishing pedants, stylish anklets and armlets, golden pin buttons for wedding dress, crown for headgear to have princes look. When bride wear these opulent pieces of bridal jewellery with stylish and embroidery-wedding dress reflect perfect style and aura on special day.

If you are looking for bridal jewellery for wedding and planning to buy/add collection of opulent bridal traditional jewellery then Jaipur is best place for it. Though bridal jewellery is available at many jewellery stores/outlets throughout India but famous and unique signature collection of bridal jewellery is available at exclusively bridal jewellery stores in Jaipur city as it is famous jewellery hub of India and erstwhile kingdom of Rajasthan. For innovative & unique design with elegant/stylish crafting and delicate work of countless hours by adept artisan makes bridal jewellery collection of Jaipur famous all over the world.


For some reason you cannot do actual shopping and take time out of busy schedule to visit jewellery stores/outlets to buy bridal collection, then there are some websites which showcase exclusively a unique and excellent signature jewellery collection for bridal wear of latest trend and designs. Online bridal wear portals showcase exclusively unique and striking collections of thousands of bridal jewellery sets in high definition images at one place just button click away and offers cost effective delivery at your door step. You can order online bridal jewellery set, stylish earring, and opulent necklace with easy and comforts at these websites. Online shopping for wedding jewellery provides convenient shopping and completely new experience to get priceless heirloom in hassle-free manner.  You can choose priceless bridal wear online and order with hefty discounts because some time online jewellery web portals provides wonderful offers, good discount and extensive range of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery.

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Kundan Jewellery: Elegant and Stylish Pieces of Beauty with Purity at Heart

Kundan jewellery is a traditional and one of important heritage heirloom associated with the aristocrat families of Rajasthan’s rich heritage. The inception of unique design and elegant pieces Kudan believed to be originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan and then spread to rest of kingdom of India and flourish under the royal patronage Rajput and Mughal rulers. The graceful and stylish Kudan jewellery is one of oldest forms of jewellery designed and worn by the rich and aristocratic families in India.

The signature collection of jewellery flourished overtime and remained not only an integral part of the traditional royal wedding as bridal jewellery wear but nowadays worn by many rich families during any formal occasion, wedding or party gathering etc. thanks to the Bollywood movie such as  Zubeidaa and Jodha Akbar, in which protagonist actresses wore original Kundan jewellery of Jaipur  aristocrat family, which not only highlighted elegance and beauty original jewellery but made a paradigm shift in reaching out to large number people that would not be possible by any other source or promotional media.

The Kundan meena jewellery cost a bit more than other jewellery because of high purity of metal use and graceful and unique design. The designing and manufacturing methodology of Kudan jewellery is bit tedious and delicate work which includes processes such as Ghadi, Meenakari, Jadai, Puwai, and chillai. The craftsmen pay great attention in every step of from designing to final finish, which is imperative and crucial in making of great pieces of kundan beauty. The processes of sheer designing of elegant Kudan jewellery starts with making sketch that is known as Ghadi process, the Khudai process involves  the stones or uncut gems that are fit into the set  framework of design, this is followed by Meenakari work, which involves enameling and engraved on metal and requires great precision and concentration of craftsmen. Jadai and Puwai are yet other important processes to provide final finishing and refurbishing touch to elegant jewellery items. The jewellery of Jaipur is famous all over the world as the city is famously known as pink city and jewellery hub of Rajasthan.  There are many jewellery stores in Jaipur that provides authenticate and genuine jewellery pieces.  There are also many website portals running over the World Wide Web to exclusive showcase the elegant pieces and collection of kundan jewellery and provides cost effective and hassle free service to interested persons. Though an authentic and genuine pieces and collection of kundan jewellery is available at a limited number jewellery stores and studios in Jaipur, you should aware of the fact that there are many duplicate and replica of original kundan jewellery items and pieces in Jaipur jewellery market.  Therefore one should avail the facilities and services of genuine jewellery store to get the standard prices, best quality jewellery pieces and most importantly original jewellery.

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Antique Jewellery: Timeless and Priceless Piece of Beauty

Antique Jewellery is age-old traditional and priceless piece of beauty, passed down from generation to generation and still retained the classic and charming looks. Antique jewels are quite different, elegant and expensive as compare to the contemporary or modern time jewellery pieces. The unique designs and rich heritage alliance to royal courts are the reason that the cost of antique jewel pieces is more as compare to its counterpart contemporary pieces of jewellery.  Antique jewellery enhances the charm and appeal through the aura of style and elegance to everyone irrespective of age. Anyone can wear and have a collection of this heritage heirloom of timeless beauty. One can wear this versatile classic heritage pieces on important occasions like wedding as Bridal Wear Jewellery, party or any formal gathering.


If you are looking for antique jewellery items and planning to add, excellent pieces to your jewellery collection than there are many exclusive antique jewellery stores in Jaipur because of its rich heritage history. Though it is often easy to find the ordinary jewellery store in Jaipur but the priceless heritage beauty is available only at limited and exclusive stores. One should be aware of the fact that there are many duplicate and replica of antique jewel pieces in the Jaipur jewellery market but if you are able to find and got to a genuine antique jewellery stores in Jaipur, then you can easily get the best quality, standard price and most importantly authentic jewellery pieces. One can find great signature jewellery collection of antique jewel pieces in the Jaipur city as it is a jewellery hub of Rajasthan and erstwhile kingdom of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage. Jaipur jewellery is famous all over the world due to its innovative, unique, graceful and stylish designing and delicate work done on jewel pieces by proficient and adept craftsmen.


There are few website which showcase exclusively a unique and good collection antique jewellery pieces and one can directly contact the seller to avail the convenient and cost effective services but should be aware of deceit and deceptive elements.

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Buying a neckpiece from the designer of the JWS!

Jewellery is always girl’s favorite gift. They are very special to them no matter who gifts it and when you get it. The bridal jewellery sets are always very famous in India and the vintage jewellery is something you cannot miss out. The jewellery shopping can be done online as well as there are so many portals each day that are launched. Buying and shopping has become much easier and you need not spend much time in looking out for the stuff and going around for the same. You can buy it sitting on your couch and just by clicking and it will be door delivered to you easily. There are bridal jewellery sets also that are available for the online shoppers.

One has to make sure that they select the best one for themselves and before buying, make a thorough research on them. This involves online payments etc. and you need to be very careful when it comes to the payments. You can rely on the cash on delivery of the product sand this is offered by various portals too. But many of them do not offer cash on delivery for the bridal jewellery sets as they are very expensive and they will have to bear the loss or damage charge for the property or the product.

The designers from the jewellery and watch show exhibition from Dubai are all experts. Only the experts do take part in it and the ones who are very famous. If you wish to get some signature jewellery sets for your wedding or for a special event, you can look on the jewellery sets from Jaipur. They are very famous for the jewellery of various kinds. The vintage and the jadau jewellery are very famous with the Jaipur designers. They are exclusive and are unique of high quality. The rates and the charges of making those beautiful designs are also very reasonable.

The signature jewellery in Jaipur is all very famous. There are almost 37 best designers in Jaipur among whom just one of them takes part in the jewellery and watch show exhibition that is going to be held in Dubai in the Abu Dhabi exhibition centre. The Indian bridal jewellery are always famous for its royal design and the luxurious and elegant look that they possess. They are not swanky and causal and do not hold a cool look rather they are royal and classy in their appearance. You can also visit the signature jewellery exhibition where you could see the best artwork displayed in the form of jewellery and you can buy from them.